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New Bat & Age Rules

New AGE RULES in effect Fall 2019 & Bat Rules for Spring of 2020

Effective for the 2020 spring baseball / softball season, ALL bats must be either USA certified or BBCOR (barrel width not to exceed 2 5/8").

For the 2019 spring baseball season, you may use the old USSSA bats (provided it has the bpf 1.15 stamp and the barrel width does not exceed 2 5/8"), USA bats or BBCOR bats.

Thus, if you plan to buy a new bat, we suggest that you buy a USA certified bat as they will be mandatory for the 2020 season.  You can always use a wood bat as there are no restrictions on wood bats.

Please be advised that these rules apply only to our in-house baseball program.  However, if you play part time travel in the Chicago Sunday League, you MUST use a USA bat in that league.

Also effective for the 2019 Fall Baseball / Softball season we will be moving to the new August 31st age date to determine which in house league your player will be in.  This means that the age your child will be on August 31st of that year will be his playing age.  This date is moving from the current April 30th date and again will be in effect starting with the 2019 Fall ball season and moving forward.  This will affect all in-house and Part Time travel teams.  (Full Time travel and Softball will use the standard of the league they play in).

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