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COVID-19 Resources

Return To Play Waiver

All families that are playing House and Travel, please look over the Return to Play Waiver then sign the acknowledgment form with your coach.

Visiting teams must sign the the Return to Play Acknowledgment form and submit to your hosting team.

All teams, families, and spectators taking part in Tinely Bulldogs Baseball and Softball, please read the following guidelines in response to COVID-19.

Please note, these guidelines may change as we moved into different phases.

Tinley Park Bulldogs COVID-19 Update 5/27/2020

Good afternoon Bulldogs Families! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and is continuing to stay safe!

With the state ready to move into Phase 3, we have been given the go ahead to begin practicing with our teams while following specific guidelines and safety measures. With this in mind, we have a plan for our season as we head through the month of June and move into July where hopefully the games can begin. Here are the details of how we see the season unfolding:

1) Practices will begin the week of June 15th. There will be safety measures put in place that all coaches, players, and parents MUST follow. These will be sent to all families and coaches within the next week or so as we finalize them.

2) Provided we move into Phase 4 by July 1, Games will begin the week of July 6th with the season ending the weekend of August 29th-30th. This will still give most teams approx. 12-14 games.

We are currently working on all safety guidelines that all will have to follow and these will be posted on our website, emailed to all families, and posted at all of our fields. We will need ALL Parents to help out this season as we put the guidelines in place and create a safe, yet fun and exciting season for all those wishing to play.

We also realize that there may be families who feel they are not able to commit to a season beginning in July or do not feel that it is safe for your child(ren) to begin playing. We totally understand and respect your decision as parents and will offer a couple options for those who wish to opt out of this season.

If you wish to opt out of this season, we are asking that you email us at NO LATER than June 1st. In your email, please let us know the name of your child(ren), the level they were scheduled to play, team name, and which one of the following two options you would prefer:

1) FULL Credit towards 2021 Spring Season OR

2) Refund of Fees (Minus $35 for uniform + 15% league expenses fee)

3) Those who chose the Concessions buyout will be refunded in full for those opting out of the season.

One of the other items of concern are the raffle tickets that were handed out to most of our families. If you are deciding to NOT play this season, you will NOT be required to sell your raffle tickets, however, if you have already sold your tickets and/or would still like to participate in the fundraiser, please reach out to me, Mary Nelis, or Adam Metz and we will coordinate that with you.

If you are continuing to play the season, you WILL be required to sell your tickets and there will be a date of turn in the week of June 22nd. Those who are playing and have not yet picked up their tickets will be given a date the first week of June to pick up your tickets from the concessions stand. The prize money on the tickets will be honored in full and the drawing will be live streamed on our Facebook page on Saturday June 27th.

Bulldogs, we know that this season has been unprecedented and we have been faced with things that none of us saw coming. I cannot say that anyone knows what the right thing to do is, all we can give as your Bulldogs family is the option to do what you as parents feel is the right decision for your children. We fully support the decision you all make as parents as even though we are all volunteers, most importantly we are parents ourselves. We want to offer a season for those who want to play as well options for those who are not able to make it work this year.

Thank you all for your patience, your understanding, your feedback, and your support. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or your League Rep at anytime.

Stay Safe, Stay Bulldog Strong, and lets get Ready for some Baseball and Softball!

Go Bulldogs!

Joe Partacz
League Commissioner

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