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Pinto - 7 & 8 Year Old

Pinto league consists of 7 & 8 year old players.  Kids at the age of 6 years old are invited to tryout and play up at the Pinto level.

At this age level, players should be given the opportunity to play many different fielding positions each game.  No player should only play the outfield.  All players must have the opportunity to "start" games during the season.

Recent Pinto News

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2019 Pinto Teams

Pitching Mound Distance 38'
Base Distances 60'
Length of Game 6 Innings
Pitcher Max Innings per day 2 Innings
Pitcher Max Innings per week 6 Innings
40 Hour Rule / Next day off after 3 Innings
10 Run Slaughter Rule 4 Innings
Dropped 3rd Strike No
Infield Fly Rule No
Base Stealing No
Metal Spikes No
Balks No

Steve Westin

Pinto President

Phone: (708) 288-5483

Noe Moreno

Pinto Vice-President

Phone: (708) 932-9546