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Bronco - 11 & 12 Year Olds

At this age level, all players are not capable of playing every position (i.e. Pitcher or Catcher) yet, players should be given the opportunity to play more than one position and not just the outfield.

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2019 Bronco Teams

Pitching Mound Distance 48' - 50'
Base Distances 70'
Length of Game 7 Innings
Pitcher Max Innings per day 7 Innings
Pitcher Max Innings per week 10 Innings
40 Hour Rule / Next day off after 4 Innings
10 Run Slaughter Rule 5 Innings
Dropped 3rd Strike Yes
Infield Fly Rule Yes
Base Stealing Yes (with lead-offs)
Metal Spikes No
Balks 1 Warning

Eric MacLeod

Bronco President

Phone: (773) 469-6175

Brad Popovich

Bronco Vice-President

Phone: (773) 633-3254